Raise the Bar on Integrity 4-pack

Raise the Bar on Integrity 4-pack

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Discover how to be part of the culture without being defined by it.

Raise the Bar on Integrity focuses on Daniel, a man of God who constantly had the integrity of his faith tested as a leader in Babylon. You and your colleagues will be equipped to: 

  • Raise the bar on your integrity in very specific and powerful ways.
  • Respond to the pressure and demands of work with integrity.
  • Commit to faith-based values at work.
  • Discover renewed passion for your work.


"The story of Daniel opened my eyes to the importance of God in all aspects of my life, especially at work where I do not typically include him. The group encouraged me to look at my work and life in a more Christian manner and has already helped me reap rewards both at work and home. I am very happy to be on a path that will carry me throughout my entire life."


  • 10-session Study designed for small groups or personal study
  • Formats available: Study guide, 95 pages; PDF
  • Dimensions: 7” X 10”